Mobile office with internal arrangement in 2 possible configurations designed for all-day work.

  • Acoustic panels on both walls
  • Soft seating benches: 1
  • Number of plugs in bench plinths: 4
  • Cabinets under TV
  • 3 cushions
  • Outside plant pots: 3
  • Table: trapezium
  • Electric power supply on the table: 2x PIXX
  • Handy table lamp


tech Specs


2 520 mm


2 750 mm


2 305 mm


1 090 kg


Natural solid wood

C01 Slightly whitened solid CLT panel - solid spruce

Other colours in the basic price

These colours are created using durable laminate with ABS edging for the best performance to enjoy our products for as long as possible.








We love colours and we love a variety of choices. You have our support for your favourite colour or design. Simply tell us your vision or needs and we will fulfil them.

Additional equipment

Air ventilation unit with independent remote control

Glass wing or sliding door system

TV screen mounted on the wall

Wireless presentation system

Sound System

Reservation System

Glass tint

Custom Colour of the solid wood walls

Height adjustable table base with cable tray

Mobile pedestal

Swivel chair

Leather pad

Single upholstered sofa

Single soft pouf

More about equipment

More information

For the upholstered parts, you can choose from our selection of fabric samples

Work table with fixed height or with additional height adjustable table base

2 possible internal arrangements with different focus

Creativity inside of this pod is unlimited due to the solitaire elements such as the table and the swivel chair

All parts and connections of this product are created for a repeated process of assembly and disassembly

Our products are delivered with an installation manual which enables any user to perform installation without any special equipment.

Customizations and add-ons beyond the standard offer CAN AFFECT production time and the final price of the product

Door frame, handle and hinges come in standard polished aluminium colour (RAL9006), it is possible to also offer black colour

To achieve better acoustic absorption, we can install acoustic panels on the ceiling

WOOD I OFFICE acoustic zone offers 2 possible internal configurations

If necessary, we can equip the zone with a smart tint glass

The workbench has a trapezoid shape, ensuring comfort and integrity with the area of the zone

To provide power to all necessary office supplies, the table is equipped with two electrical sockets

The work desk is static as standard, it can be height adjustable for an extra charge

Video presentation on the TV can be provided via SMART TV technology or via a USB stick with remote display function

Correct orientation of the acoustic zone in space ensures minimal shading and airiness of the interior

This product is compatible for COOL.4K (independent cooling system) and CLEAN.4K (air purifier forces bacteria and viruses to stay out of the pod)

The entire pod takes up an area of 4 standard working tables and provides space for up to 6 users at once

To bring this product to life it needs at least 1 standard 230 V power port. It is possible to get fixed internet cabling inside the product if needed

Video presentation on a smart TV can be provided by our additional equipment “Wireless presentation system” or by HDMI fixed cable ported in the plinth of the seating bench

It is possible to ask for oiled surface finish of the wooden parts

Our products are equipped with a double floor with levelling elements which will eliminate problems in old buildings with curved flooring

Matte stripes are the basic graphics on the glass walls and doors. Each product has its individual and unique directions of the stripes. Each side has 3 matte stripes on it

Package size


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